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Not only is this a good commercial, but this is also a good song cover!

I’m not sure who she is but I really do like this.

Wait. This is awesome.

This is a really funny ad. hahahahahah


The streets of Santa Barbara are safe, thanks to this man.

Junior detective!

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Video: Cristin Milioti in 'Once'

get to know me meme: [1/5] female characters  Sarah Walker

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It’s Just a Rant

I honestly think one of the worst feelings is when shows end. There’s an empitness inside you. We are so entranced by the show, that we follow it as much as we can, and we grow up with it in our lives. I bring this up now because I just watched the show finale for How I Met Your Mother…it’s rough.

It may sound very strange to most people, but I think of it this way. We waste the time in our lives to watch other shows, so that we can add their lives onto their. Those characters become our friends, the story of interest and entertainment. Because we so actively watch these T.V. shows, it involves our lives, it’s part of our lives, each and every show. We keep the things that we love and appreciate. So finally, that show is no longer around, it disappears. 

I get a feeling of emptiness. Like someone that  I loved is not missing. A part of my life is now missing. And I’ll get over it, but that existence of what my hours were spent on watching these characters that I care about, come to love, is just gone. There’s no longer anything ahead of that. 

Goodbyes are tough, is all i’m saying. And I’m here sad about a show ending, but is it really that weird. We “waste” our time to watch these shows because they are important to us, they have meaning, and every once in awhile we’ll even catch a life lesson. 

How I Met Your Mother has taught me many things, actually. I’m really glad I got a chance to watch every single episode…maybe its time to just restart and watch the whole show again….homework? naw…HIMYM? SURE!

Damnit what. I hate endings. 

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